Welcome Sophie!


The LOFT is so excited to share with everyone the hiring of our newest staff member, Sophie Gourgiotis! They are The LOFT’s Program Manager, and their responsibilities include facilitating and managing core programs, which include The LOFT’s Helpline, Health Education, and Silver Connections, an LGBTQ+ senior program. Read on to learn more about our newest member of The LOFT family!


For folx who don't know, how do you identify in the community and what are your pronouns?

I identify as a lesbian, non-binary human. My pronouns are they/them.


What do you think you'll enjoy the most about working with the LGBTQ+ Community?

I'll enjoy getting to hear the stories and voices from our community and help be an advocate and person of support for them!


One of your roles as Program Manager is facilitating the Silver Connections Program.  What is something you consider to be important in working with our LGBTQ+ Elders?

Understanding the history of discrimination and isolation for LGBTQ+ older adults is crucial when working with LGBTQ+ Elders. We need to listen and learn from our past in order to provide the best supportive programs and resources to our community.


What is something you would like to accomplish while in your new position as Program Manager for The LOFT?

My goal for working at The LOFT is to help grow our programming and become the go-to person for the helpline and older adult programming. I want to build a strong rapport with the community and help combat isolation amongst LGBTQ+ Elders by implementing and facilitating programs and services that are equitable for all older adults.


If you are interested in learning more about Silver Connections at The LOFT you can contact Sophie at [email protected]