Writers Resources Page

Welcome to The LOFT's Writers' Resource Center. Here, you will find opportunities for publishing your work.  If you are an organization looking to be listed please contact [email protected]


Outspoken is The LOFT's Community Magazine, dedicated to showcasing LGBTQ+ voices and place for emerging writers to gain third-party byline publication credits to their writing resumes.  To learn more, click here.

Lambda Literary


Sunday Rituals: A Workshop for Queer BIPOC

The NY Writers Coalition hosts a weekly, in-person workshop exclusively for queer BIPOC. To learn more about Sunday Rituals, click here. The NYWC hosts other LGBTQ+-inclusive, safe space workshops as well:

"Rise": Flash Fiction Contest

Queer Sci Fi hosts an annual flash fiction contest. They welcome submissions of LGBTQ+ science fiction stories, no more than 300 words long. To learn more about the contest, click here.

Homebound Publications

Homebound Publications is a queer-owned, women-owned publisher for book authors. To learn about submissions, click here.

Homebound Publications also hosts three Prize Competitions: