April 2023

Edward Callenreese (xe, xem, xyrs)



Where did you grow up / where do you live now?

Edward grew up in Westchester and still lives here today!

Edward's Hobbies:

Some of xyrs hobbies include writing, making buttons with a button maker and gifting them to people. Edward loves sharing xyrs creations with peers. Xe took up painting recently, and draws inpiration from an abstract art class in college.

Why volunteer at The LOFT?

"I don’t really think that there's anything like The LOFT around here. I feel like it’s the only place of its kind. It’s an accepting place around here because I haven’t found another place that’s for people in the community, which has helped me feel not so alone."

What has your experience been like volunteering with The LOFT?

Edward began volunteering with xyrs high school internship program last year for pride season. Xe said, "It’s been eye-opening. I knew before I started going that there was a community of people out there and that I wasn't the only person. Growing up in a small town, it felt like there was nobody like me. When I came out it was clear that everybody knew, but nobody was out at the time, or there were people that came out to me because they knew I was out myself. When my high school finally provided a gender neutral bathroom, everyone assumed it was just for me, which was not the case. It felt kind of isolating, and there was people that didn’t take me well because of it." Edward's involvement was sparked by achieving an inclusive bathroom for the TGNCNB people at high school, and continues to pave the way for queer folx in college.

Is there anything you'd like future LOFT Volunteers to know?

"I would like future volunteers to know that I’ve met a lot of people that I really like while volunteering. One of the volunteers goes to the same college as me and we never saw each other on campus. Now that we have volunteered together many times this semester, we always run into each other! There is a lot of really nice people and it’s like a close circle of friends that I may run into anywhere I go whether it’s The LOFT, or school or anywhere else. When I’m done volunteering at The LOFT, I sometimes just want to stay there because I find the work therapeutic in a way."

Would you rather go on vacation in the mountains or near a beach?

"I want to go to the beach! I get tired fast and so the mountains and hiking are just not for me." Edward loves to chill in the sand while reading a good book. Xe will sometimes draw too! Edward has no desire to swim in the ocean, but will dip xyr's toes in!

Favorite Book/TV Show/Movie?

My favorite movie is "Howl's Moving Castle" (2014). It's also a book series! "I really love magic and wizards, and I think when people talk about how much they want to hang on to Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, I really don't get it because there are so many great magic series and alternatives out there. This is one of them. It's so charming and I love the main characters' dynamic."

Favorite Color?

"My favorite color was always green, but I like to paint with light purple, so that might be my favorite color now!"

What's your motto?

"I don't really have a motto, but I do have a thing that I say too much." Edward says "The Audacity!" all the time, and it's kind of like an accidental catchphrase! Friend's have even made stickers and pins for xem with it.