Volunteer Spotlight of the Month

The Volunteer Spotlight(s) of The Month highlights a volunteer who has given their time volunteering for The LOFT and the surrounding community and has served as a resource for others. The Volunteer Spotlight of the Month can also be found in the monthly email-blast that will be sent out to all of the volunteers. Click here to become a LOFT volunteer and receive the monthly email blast!

For questions contact Stephen (he/they) at [email protected] or call at (914) 948-2932 x14

The LOFT's Volunteer Spotlight of The Month is out way of sharing the stories of our selfless volunteers.

Check out the interviews by clicking on the name of the Volunteer Spotlight!

Alex Lewack

Dakota Pinon

Ryan Staunton

LSN Facilitation team

Rina Michaels

The Silver Connections volunteer team

Tremayne Thomas Little

Yakira Sameth

Westchester Pride Volunteer Team
photographed: 6 of many!

The Q.C.B.C. Facilitation Team

Joseph Nappi

Frank Erichsen

Leon Abreu

Zan Labuschagne


Jana Verzillo

Matt Stolman

Jeffrey Guard

Caitlin McQueen (left) & Erica Monnin (right)


Geoff Peckman


Irwin Rothman

Steven Shaw

Louisa Visco 

Jessica Guiracocha

Paula Wilensky (Left) & Ira Cohen (Right)

Martina G

Raymond Terone

Dani Cardinal

Prajakta Lahankar


Al Raymond 


Riccardo Saggese


Gary Skidmore


Pat Lavin