Business Partner Spotlight: Leukocyte United

The LOFT catches up with Trashaunda Brown, Founder of Leukocyte United.  Learn more about her business and how it can help folx in the LGBTQ+ Community!

March 2022

Hi, Trashaunda--We're so happy to have Leukocyte United join us as a LOFT Business Partner! For folx who may not know you, please share a little bit about yourself and Leukocyte United:

Leukocyte United provides reproductive educational information, professional wellness resources, financial assistance, wellness retreats, and educational seminars.

Working at Leukocyte United allows me to connect with a wide range of people My work proves that we have more in common than what meets the eye. It allows us to have an organic human connection and help folx with their reproductive needs.


What has been your relationship been with The LOFT?

I come to the LOFT as an Ally. I have family, friends, and colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+ and who have experienced the challenges of having their reproductive needs met. It is important to me that the LGBTQ+ community is recognized and offered proper care.


How did Leukocyte United get started? How did you get involved?

I founded Leukocyte United while I was working with Reproductive Endocrinologists. During that time, I learned a lot about my body and also became aware of all the resources available. I worked in a variety of positions, each of which has contributed to the broad lens and wide understanding I have of reproductive knowledge. In that time I also gained key insight into the roles that physicians, insurance companies, governments, society, and patients play in the quest to meet reproductive needs. This is why I created Leukocyte United, to take all that knowledge and help folx overcome the barriers to meeting their reproductive needs and goals.  Leukocyte United is a safe space that offers solutions to the myriad of pitfalls and challenges that come with pursuing reproductive goals. 



What are some of the hurdles members of the LGBTQ+ Community face to making families and how does Leukocyte United support them?

Some of the hurdles the LGBTQ+ community faces when it comes to reproductive health include...

Respect and Acceptance:
Many people of the LGBTQ+ community feel disregarded and uncomfortable when receiving care.
We promise to connect you with wellness professionals who accept, respect, and honor your identity.
Many people of the LGBTQ+ community feel decisions are made based on society's expectations of them
We promise to acknowledge what's important to you and provide the resources we have to help reach your goal(s).
Many LGBTQ+ people pay insurance monthly but are unaware they may not have access to their fertility coverage. Under our Leukocyte LLC program, we review your insurance coverage and explain what is accessible. If your policy does not offer the right services, we can suggest an alternative and/or affordable self-pay option.


What's important for our community to know about Leukocyte United?

It's important to know that YOUR LIFE MATTERS. That reproduction is the nucleus to all life, and healing leads to "More Life."

Luekocyte United is LOFT Business Partner, you can find more information by visiting their website, here.