Exploring Cabaret with Eadie Scott!

The LOFT catches up with Eadie Scott. Learn more about her business and her connection toThe LOFT!


January 2022


Hi, Eadie--We're so happy to have you join us as a LOFT Business Partner!  For folx who may not know you, please share a little bit about yourself and Manhattan Cabaret Arts:

My name is Eadie Scott and I am the managing artistic director of Manhattan Cabaret Arts. We offer Cabaret Performance Workshops, direction of group and solo cabaret shows, voice lessons, pretty much all things cabaret! What is Cabaret? Well, it’s an opportunity to sing and share your story with an audience.

The Cabaret performer chooses songs that resonate for them all while sharing something about themselves and why the songs they pick mean what they mean to them. There is no right or wrong. There are no rules. Only that you love what you sing and make a connection with the audience.

Most workshops meet once a week for 8 weeks (2-hour class with a live pianist). Everyone sings every week. Over the 8 weeks, you select 3 songs with connective patter. The 9th week is the show. You learn so much about song selection, microphone technique, picking the right key, coming up with a theme for your set and so much more.


What has been your relationship been with The LOFT?

I joined The LOFT in 2019. I moved to Westchester from Manhattan in late 2018 after my wife of 27 years died very suddenly from breast cancer which metastasized to her liver. I've been to 2 galas ( before the pandemic ). I have joined several Out Walking Events, and I did an online forum about being an advocate.

I look forward to being more active as we progress with COVID and what we can safely do in person. I don’t really know many people in Westchester- it’s hard to meet people during a pandemic!


How did Manhattan Cabaret Arts get started? How did you get involved?

Manhattan Cabaret Arts was started by my wife/ partner Collette Black. She was the booking manager for years at the Duplex, Rose’s Turn, Don’t Tell Mama, and 53 Above. She won several awards in NYC for directing, producing and for technical expertise ( lights and sound ). She also taught cabaret classes at the 92nd St Y. When Roses Turn was sold Collette created Manhattan Cabaret Arts. Her goal was to keep Cabaret Alive and Thriving and to create a cabaret family.

Anyone with a song in their heart is welcome. I first got involved in teaching voice to some of Collette’s cabaret students who wanted to improve vocally. I am a professional performer and voice teacher. Then Collette asked me to start teaching workshops- she was overbooked and needed me to teach on the nights she was at the 92nd St Y. When Collette passed in 2018, I promised her I would keep her business alive. Nothing is more important to me. In a way, it’s how I keep her alive as well.


Let's talk about that exciting class you have coming up.  Who is this class for and what will they learn?

My online class with Westchester Community College is a fun and very affordable way to get introduced to cabaret. I help the students pick songs they want to sing- since we are online, everyone needs an accompaniment track to sing to and I help them find those. ( Live pianist is an issue online- there a a time delay ).
This class is for anyone who likes to sing. You don’t have to be the greatest singer! You just need to have a song in your heart. I find singing to be so therapeutic. It helps with the winter blues, I mean, how can singing a song you love not bring a smile to your face and some happiness to your day? We start with a brief vocal warm-up. Then one at a time you sing the songs you selected. Everyone sings every week. I give direction, guidance, vocal tips, suggestions for material, ideas for “patter”. We basically just have a blast singing. 
I love what I do and I love helping people find their voice. 

To register for the WCC course, which begins on January 24 at 6:30 pm, you can either:
Call 914-606-6830. Or log on to www.sunywcc.edu/wdce
The class is called Sing Your Story with Cabaret. The class number is CE- MUSIC 2098VA. Jan 24- Mar 7 ( no class 2/28) The final class is an online performance you can invite friends to watch. I am always available to answer any questions: [email protected].
If you want to join but can’t start on Jan 24, I can give you a make-up on zoom to catch up.
To Learn more about Manhattan Cabaret Arts, please visit www.manhattancabaretarts.com