Frank Erichsen!

Meet Frank!


Name & Pronouns:

Frank Erichsen, he/him/his

Where did you grow up / where do you live now?

Frank is a Rockland County native and resides in New City.

Frank’s Hobbies?

When Frank wakes up to good weather and sun, he likes to visit the beach often. On days that would not be traditionally considered "beach days" he enjoys going to the movies, or if he'd rather stay in, catch up on reading!

Why volunteer at The LOFT?

"The LOFT was instrumental in getting me to where I needed to be to first come out," says Frank. Through his connection with LOFT staff, the LGBTQ+ community members we serve, and his peers in the GBTQ+ Men's Peer Support Group, Frank felt that giving back was an essential tool he could use to pay it forward for the LOFT services he utilized throughout his journey.

Volunteering Experience with The LOFT:

The past couple of years have been understandably challenging, and Frank experiences a rewarding feeling through his 10 years as a LOFT volunteer. He'll often find himself taking a step back from the overwhelming injustices we face in society to remind himself why he does volunteer work. Frank said, "At the end of the day a couple of times a month isn't really that much of an outlay of my time, for the fact that there are people who don't have other options or opportunities that come to The LOFT."

Would you rather go on vacation in the mountains or near a beach?

Beach! Frank learned to appreciate and love the beach later in life, as opposed to when he was younger. When I asked him if he like the beach for the sand, the ocean, or the sun, etc., he said there's no one thing, he takes enjoyment from the entire experience!

Favorite Book/TV Show?

Frank's answer to this question was rather inspiring, he said, "I'm not big on favorites, because I try to not limit myself." 

Favorite Color?

Even though he's not big on favorites, blue is color that Frank enjoys because it goes well with his blue eyes.

Any words to Live By?

"Treat others the way you want to be treated."