New Senior Housing

Thank you for your interest in the new senior housing facility that is being built in tandem with The LOFT's new community center facility. Approximately 140 units of affordable senior housing that are LGBTQ+ Affirming will be part of a brand new building located in downtown White Plains, NY, located on the corner of Court and Quarropas Streets. At the base of the building, occupying two floors will be The LOFT's brand new community center.

To learn more about senior housing you can click on the links below:

LOFT PRESS RELEASE: June 22, 2022: Westchester County Announces New LGBTQ+ Friendly Housing and more

May 23, 2023: Lohud: LGBTQ-friendly affordable housing for seniors coming to Westchester: What to know

April 19, 2023: White Plains PatchLGBTQ+ Friendly Affordable Housing Complex OK'd For White Plains

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