LOFT Business Partnership

The LOFT Business Partner Package:

  • Your advertisement (400 x 900 pixels) will be showcased in our weekly community email blast for four consecutive weeks and will be linked directly to your website. Please note, blackout dates may apply to ensure optimal visibility and engagement.

    Additionally, if you're seeking professional media creation to truly make your ad shine, we offer this service for an additional cost. Let us bring your vision to life and maximize the impact of your advertisement.

  • Gain exposure for your business by securing a coveted spot in The LOFT's website directory listing. Your business's vital information—name, address, phone number, website, email, and captivating logo—will be featured, ensuring maximum visibility to our diverse and engaged audience.

    Accompanying your listing will be a succinct yet compelling description, capturing the essence of your business and enticing potential customers to learn more.

  • Elevate your business's profile with an exclusive editorial interview on our digital platform, LGBT Life Westchester—an essential resource for the Westchester LGBTQ+ community.

    Upon partnering with us, you'll receive a tailored questionnaire designed to highlight the unique facets of your business. From your responses, we'll craft a captivating spotlight feature, showcasing your brand's story, values, and offerings.

    This engaging editorial piece will not only garner attention within our dedicated audience but will also be seamlessly linked directly to your website, driving valuable traffic and potential customers to your online presence.

  • Unlock the power of social media to amplify your business's reach and impact with our exclusive partnership offer. Your brand will take center stage in not just one, but two strategically crafted social media posts throughout the year.

    These highly engaging posts will showcase your business in its best light. We'll ensure that your business is tagged, directing traffic directly to your website or social media handles, driving valuable engagement and potential customers your way.

Pricing: For-Profits = $500  /  Nonprofits = $250 (proof of nonprofit status required at time of purchase)

All partnerships guarantee benefits for a full 12-month period, commencing from the date of purchase.

Have questions about becoming a partner?

Contact Ryan Hontz, Director of Marketing & Communications, at [email protected]

Contributions are tax deductible.