C.A.L.M. - Centered at LOFT Meditation

C.A.L.M. - Centered at LOFT Meditation is a group at The LOFT open to all in the community who are seeking a space to unwind and recenter. Join us for a variety of relaxing meditations, including breath, guided, mindfulness, mantra, and more.
This is an inter-generational program of Silver Connections, The LOFT's program for LGBTQ+ community members ages 55+. This program is open to anyone, ages 18 and older.

Due to COVID-19, this group will be meeting virtually until further notice.


C.A.L.M Meets every Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

In this time when our lives are very off balanced, a centering practice can be a useful tool to get through challenging moments. Utilizing guided meditation, breathing exercises and reading and reflection, this session will introduce a variety of practices to help you feel grounded and centered to better connect to your emotional core.

This virtual group is facilitated by The LOFT and Queery volunteer James Young. To learn more about James and Queery click here.

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CALM/Queer Zen will be having a guest facilitator on Thursday, May 13th, 5;30-6:30pm ET: SOL. To request the zoom link visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX0NHC7LkYZzi0Nh6_f4WQqd4wZHrNRkqlViYSXr-lG8VHIQ/viewform


SOL (she/her) is a non-binary trans femme intuitive, tarot card reader, drag artist, performer, and meditation facilitator. She focuses on the holistic approach to meditation with an added energetic flare. SOL is all about cultivating the light that resides inside of all of us and using that light to discover and unearth the hidden mysteries within. 


Topic: Manifesting and Abundance Mindset


Song Meditation:  "Just Like Magic" by Ariana Grande


Take Away: 


Please follow SOL on Instagram: @solthedragqueen 

If you are in need of spiritual guidance and would like to book a tarot reading with Sol, please use the link below: calendly.com/solthedragqueen/4readings


To offer a dāna to SOL for today's guided meditation please using the links below: 




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Call The LOFT's Helpline at (914) 948-2932 x13 if you have any questions about the group!

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