Headshot Happy Hour

Having a crisp, professional headshot for your social media pages, resume and website can truly generate interest in you!  Now is the chance to update yours.  The LOFT's business partner Regency Studios is generously offering professional headshots during our LGBTQ+ Professionals Mixer on October 13-Thursday from 6-8 PM at The Sonesta Hotel in Downtown White Plains, NY.  The headshot session will be brief about 5 minutes.  Regency will coordinate with you on sending you your digital file of headshots.  What to wear?  We recommend wearing something that you would normally wear in a professional setting and that does not have stripes or other wild patterns.  

To pay for your session, please enter the information below and include your phone number.  The LOFT will contact you and schedule your time slot.  For any questions please call Jeffrey at 914-948-2932 x 16 or email: [email protected]

The cost is $25 for a single-person session.  


Contributions are tax deductible.