Know Your Rights Digital Townhall with LSHV

The LOFT and the LGBT Legal Unit of Legal Services of the Hudson Valley will be presenting a Know Your Rights Digital Townhall!

When: Tuesday, May 5th from 6-7pm
Register for the workshop here. 

The Know Your Rights digital townhall will address the unique legal challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces in navigating COVID-19. We will be discussing the numerous changes in local, state, and federal laws as they impact the LGBTQ+ community. Part of the discussion will be providing updates on the numerous (seemingly daily) changes to unemployment benefits, housing, discrimination in healthcare, the importance of having a health care agent, what court services are currently available, and the eviction moratorium.
If you have a specific legal question or topic you would like to see covered, e-mail The LOFT's HelpLine at [email protected].  Please note Know Your Rights trainings are legal information only as opposed to specific advice and counsel to your unique situation. If you would like specific advice to your situation, the LSHV intake lines are still open despite the COVID-19 closures and can be reached at: #1-877-574-8529