Let's Talk About SEX Workshop

January 29th from 7:30pm - 9:00pm

At The LOFT 252 Bryant Ave, White Plains,NY 10605

A question & answer session on the topic of sex therapy at Men's group meeting! 
Questions can be emailed in advance to presenter and Sex Therapist Graduate Student Vincent Walker, at [email protected].
Click below to learn more about Sex Therapy & Presenter Vincent Walker!

Have you heard of sex therapy?  What kind of topics does a sex therapists deal with?  Do you have questions for a sex therapist?We welcome you to submit questions in advance by e-mailing them directly to [email protected]. You can also submit questions in writing at the Jan. 15th meeting of Men’s Group or during the Q&A session on Jan. 29th.  All questions will be kept anonymous.  

CREDENTIALS:  Vincent is about to finish up his masters program at LIU and is halfway towards the AASECT American Association of Sexual Educators Counselors and Therapists certification. Having studied diverse topics at ISEE Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment and ICP Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, much of his training has focused on sexual function, sexual power structures, sex and aging, and sexual trauma. Currently, Vincent is also an Intern at Purchase College working one on one with young adults.