Live and In Color Makeup Workshop

Ejike Figueira
Pronouns: they/she/he

HVTF Workshop Breakout 1 | Saturday, November 12th | 10:40-11:55am
Live and In Color: Makeup Workshop

Ejike Figueira

Workshop Description: This workshop is about skincare and beauty, with a focus on makeup. The workshop is to help folx better understand the ins and outs of makeup and how to make it work in the best possible way for them. Hoping to give folx the tips, tricks, and knowledge on all things makeup and makeup application. As well as informing folx on what can help their skin, and improve their skincare routine.

Workshop Format: Slides will be used to help keep the direction of the workshop, and I will speak and answer any questions the attendees may have about the slides or skincare concerns.


Ejike Figueira (they/she/he) has been a drag queen for about 6 years, and has been educating themselves on skincare for over 10 years now. They come from an informed place about these topics and is looking to share what they know with all those who are interested.

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