LOFT Mourns Jill Sallie's Passing

The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center mourns the passing of Jill Sallie. Jill joined The LOFT as a facilitator in 2019 for the center's LGBTQ+ Grief and Loss Peer Support Group. During her time leading the group, she did so with compassion, empathy, and with an understanding of the complexities that were a part of the grieving process for members of our community.
In March 2020, when the group pivoted to meeting on zoom, Jill's impact reached even more people as the group was utilized by community members both locally and around the country who were grappling with the COVID pandemic. Due to health reasons, Jill had to step away from the group in the Fall of 2022. Her kindness and gentle spirit was comforting to so many during their time of loss and now we celebrate Jill's life.
Funeral services will take place on Monday, April 10th. Viewing services will be from 11am-12pm and the funeral service will be from 12pm-1pm.
Camelot Funeral Home
174 Stevens Ave
Mt Vernon, NY 10550