Massage Therapists

 Bomi Bilimoria, Licensed Massage Therapist

Monday & Wednesdays at Optimal Health Chiropractic | 450 Mamaroneck Avenue, #409, Harrison, NY

Tuesdays & Thursdays at Elmsford Chiropractic | 64 South Central Avenue, Elmsford, NY 

914-207-4071 | Website | Email

I am a Medical/Sports Massage Therapist who uses an analytical and empathetic approach to enhance athletic performance, treat muscular conditions, and relieve pain.

I have 15 years of experience treating clients with acute and chronic soft tissue conditions, competitive and recreational athletes, professionals and office works, and seniors. I am a proud member of the Westchester County LGBTQ community.

I have a passion for finding root causes of my clients' conditions and using medical massage to restore muscular health. I am genuinely committed to helping my clients live their best lives.