NYS Advocacy Alert for GENDA

A message from Juli Grey-Owens about the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)

GENDA is imperative to providing transgender and gender non-conforming individuals the same rights and justice as other New Yorkers. Currently, the Committee is made up of 9 senators, with five Republicans who currently are not supporters and one democrat who does not vote for legislative issues. We currently have to make a decision: do we let this bill die in committee or do we as a community call in to make sure GENDA passes? There are three things to do to help make sure this bill goes through the Senate.

1. We need to create a mass call-in to each member of the Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee. The calls must be made on Monday April 24th, before the vote takes place on Tuesday April 25th. 

2. We must reach out to everyone you know and ask them to make calls to the Committee members. Please send this e-mail out to anyone who might call for us. Please put this information on facebook and other social media sites. 

3. There is a Press Conference in Albany on Tuesday (4/25) morning before the vote. We need everyone who can get to Albany to show up for the Press Conference!

The Community Mass Call-in will be done by putting pressure on the Investigations and Government Operations Committee with the following membership:


Senator Terrence Murphy (R)               Not a supporter at this time

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 3111

e-mail:                                                               [email protected]     




Senator Martin Golden (R)                     Not a supporter at this time

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 2730

e-mail:                                                       [email protected]



Senator Andrew Lanza (R)                   Not a supporter at this time

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 3215

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]         



Senator Thomas O'Mara (R)                Not a supporter at this time

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 2091

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]        



Senator Elaine Phillips (R)                Not a supporter at this time

Albany Phone:                                       (518) 455- 3265

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]



Senator David Carlucci (IDC)             Sponsor of GENDA

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 2991

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]     



Senator Ruben Diaz (D)                     Not a supporter at this time

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 2511

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]           



Senator Daniel Squadron (D)           Main Sponsor of GENDA

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 2625

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]  



Senator Brad Hoylman (D)                Strong Sponsor of GENDA

Albany Phone:                                        (518) 455- 2451

e-mail:                                                            [email protected]   



If you want to look up these members and see if you are their constituent (live in their district), you can do a look-up at the following website:




Making the Call:

 Please call all the Senators if you can

GENDA’s Bill Number is S502

The Bill’s proper name is “The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act”.

If you are a constituent, it’s important that you impress upon the staff answering the phone that you are a constituent, and how important it is that the Senator vote for GENDA!

If you are not a constituent, don’t worry! Just tell the staff that this is a statewide bill that is important to you and you want them to know it!

Remember to remain polite – do not get angry or aggressive!

Tell your story: Tell why GENDA is important to you, to your family or to your friend.

Point out that 19 states and the District of Columbia already have laws like GENDA that protect transgender people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression.

Point out that in New York State, all our major cities including Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Ithaca, New York City, and Rochester have enacted clear and permanent protections for the transgender community.

 (I have included the e-mail addresses as a last resort. Please try to make calls because calls are considered more powerful than e-mails!)

The Press Conference:

We need everyone who can get to Albany to show up for the Press Conference! The larger the number, the better!

If anyone is interested in speaking, that is also a big plus.

At this time the Press Conference is planned for 10:45 AM. I will send out further details as I get them!