October 2022

Meet Rina!

Name & Pronouns:

Rina Michaels (they, she, he)

Where did you grow up / where do you live now?

Rina grew up and still lives in Monsey, NY

Rina's Hobbies?

Rina says, "I love all kinds of art, makeup, skateboarding, rock climbing, and so much more!"

Why volunteer at The LOFT?

"The LOFT is an amazing organization, and what could be better than giving others in the LGBTQ+ Community a safe place to be themselves?" said Rina.

Volunteering Experience with The LOFT:

Rina has been volunteering with The LOFT for a while now, from painting faces with her girlfriend at Westchester Pride, to coming into the center often for creative projects like The LOFT's Chalk-It-Out activity. Rina says, "I love every minute of it. The entire LOFT staff is so friendly, warm and welcoming. Whenever I leave The LOFT, it gives me a boost that carries me through the week."

Anything you would say to future volunteers at The LOFT?

"Just go for it. Volunteer for The LOFT because you will have a great time, surrounded by lovely people."

Would you rather go on vacation in the mountains or near a beach?

Rina would rather vacation by a beach because they love being near the water.

Favorite Book/TV Show?

Rina's favorite show is Money Heist/La Casa De Papel. (2017).

Favorite Color?

Rina loves the color blue. She says the color gives her a sense of peace from within, and reminds her of water and the sky!

Any words to Live By?

"You're only here for a little while so take advantage of it. Have fun. Do the things you want to do, do the things you're scared to do."