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NEXT DATE: December 11th, 2023-MONDAY

Queer ecology is a set of concepts that acknowledge the connections between ecology and queer thought. Among these concepts are the observations that society believes queerness to be "unnatural" even though many parts of nature are queer and that injustices against nature and injustices against LGBTQ+ people have overlapping causes and solutions.


Sphynxx our Creatives Rebuild New York Artist in Residence will facilitate a virtual discussion with guest speakers who have knowledge pertaining to Sustainability, Environmental Justice, Biotechnology and trending Policies / Regulations concerning climate change. Meetings will be held every 2nd Monday of the month 6:00pm - 7:00pm via Zoom and the group will continue to share information and connect using the messaging app Slack. Queer Planets first meeting will be on December 11th, 2023. 


When: Every 2nd Monday of the month 6:00pm - 7:00pm via Zoom!

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Contact: Sphynxx (two-spirit) at [email protected] or (914)-948-2932 extension 13



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Use the links below to familiarize with some discussion topics

Queer Ecology

October 2022 Global Climate Report

What the New Climate Bill Means for the U.S.—and the World

Why Hemp is the Future of Sustainable Farming

Indoor Farming: The Future of Agriculture

Fossil fuels and climate change: the facts

As EV sales accelerate, battery makers face a new shortage of a crucial mineral: graphite

Bioplastics Global Market Report 2022

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