Queering Self-Care

Elias VanDette
Pronouns: they/he

HVTF Workshop Breakout 1 | Saturday, November 12th | 10:40-11:55am
Queering Self-Care

Workshop Description: What is self-care and why is it so important? How do we practice self-care when we are so busy? The truth is, there are many barriers to self-care. A potential barrier to self-care could be our understanding of self-care. Together, we will debunk some misunderstandings about self-care and learn how to tailor our self-care approach to our individual needs. This workshop uses a trauma-informed approach to challenge common misconceptions about self-care and provide practical skills for integrating self-care into our lives.

Workshop Format: This workshop will be an informal conversational presentation on self-care, with discussion throughout, and at the end. There will also be worksheets for reflection and perhaps more discussion after this activity.


Elias (they/he) is a mental health advocate and trauma-informed peer specialist with a focus on resilience, crisis intervention, coping skills, & self-compassion. Elias also works as a peer mental health advocate & creative manager for Queery, where they use creativity to educate & give back to the queer community! Elias is also an artist with a love for surrealism, portraiture, & tattoo design.

About Queery:

Queery is an organization that makes queer theory fun & accessible. Queery has a focus on self-discovery, public education, community engagement, & coalition building.

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