Rickey Richard

Boasting a rich professional history cultivated over nearly a decade in Boston, MA, where he honed his marketing prowess in both the nonprofit sector and fitness industry, Rickey now returns to his roots with an unwavering commitment to community empowerment through LGBTQ+ resources, forging influential business partnerships, and pioneering innovative strategies to connect with our target audience.

A deeply personal narrative fuels his journey. Reflecting on his formative years as a queer Indo-Caribbean individual without representation, Rickey acknowledges the struggles that shaped him while inspiring a mission to redefine societal norms. "Growing up without any representation as a queer Indo-Caribbean helped to make me who I am today, but it also gave me a sense of never fully belonging to a particular social group," he shares. "I decided instead of always fitting in, I needed to create my own space for myself and those like me." 

Armed with a Law major from Suffolk University, Rickey has been a trailblazer for change and inclusivity. Formerly the Senior Director of Aquatics at the YMCA of Greater Boston, he led a dedicated team committed to cultivating diverse, inclusive communities. Not merely content with his role, Rickey's influence extended to national committees for multicultural and LGBTQ resource groups. His innovation spearheaded adaptive programs like "Splash" and "Swim Buddies," garnering attention from local newspapers. 

Beyond the professional realm, Rickey's dedication shines through in his contributions to community collaboration, social work, and groundbreaking programming to attract new audiences while ensuring their safety. 

Reflecting on his past roles, he notes, "Before joining The LOFT, I've laid the groundwork for initiatives and media focusing on inclusivity, amplifying voices that often go unheard. It's about giving a voice to those who might not have found their own and building a sense of community within marginalized groups. This drives me—to make an indelible impact in the city I call home."