The Artists LOFT

The Artists LOFT is a fun night out to let your creativity flow. Come and meet new people and each month experience a different art project and adventure. No artistic experience is necessary, this is a judgement-free zone and materials will be provided. The Artists LOFT is facilitated by The LOFT's Creatives Rebuild New York Artist-In-Residence Sphynxx and will feature a monthly art night at The LOFT. The group will also host a monthly art-related outing. Dates and times for these will vary from month to month.

The Artists LOFT is free to participate in, donations are always welcome. Costs associated with the monthly art outings will be the responsibility of each attendee. 


Textured Painting Class: Beyond the Brush

Have you ever wanted to reach out and touch the artwork you're looking at? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll dive into the world of texture and dimension in acrylic painting! Discover innovative techniques to create tactile, dynamic pieces that invite interaction and bring your artistic vision to life. Join us and elevate your painting skills beyond the brush!

WHEN: Monday, June 17th, from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

WHERE: The LOFT - 252 Bryant Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605

CONTACT: Sphynxx, CRNY Artist in Residence, at [email protected] or (914)-948-2932 extension 18


Queer Conscience Art Gallery

Opening Reception 

The LOFT, curated by our very own Resident Artivist Sphynxx, is thrilled to present a powerful exhibition titled "Queer Conscience" at the Bethany Arts Community (BAC)!


What is a Queer Conscience?

It's that inner compass, that guiding voice that shapes our sense of right and wrong, but filtered through the unique lens of LGBTQIA2+/ Queer experiences. It's about grappling with societal pressures, celebrating our chosen families, and fighting for a world that truly embraces / celebrates authenticity and uniqueness.

"Queer Conscience" delves into the powerful concept of the inner compass, often recalibrated by societal norms and expectations. Navigating a world that often clashes with their core identity. Through various artistic mediums, the exhibit promises a journey that is both introspective and defiant.

Join us as we celebrate the complexities of the LGBTQIA2+ experience and the unwavering strength of our community's moral compass.

Expect a diverse range of works that challenge, inspire, and spark conversations. Witness how artists navigate the often-conflicting messages of their inner truth and the external world.

Expect to be moved by:

*A diverse range of artistic mediums, from thought-provoking paintings and sculptures.
Works that explore themes of identity, sexuality, gender expression, social justice, and the ongoing fight for equality.

*A space for open dialogue, connection, and celebrating the creative spirit of our community.
Whether you're an established artist or just starting out, "Queer Conscience" welcomes your voice!

Stay tuned for:

*Westchester Pride June 2nd, 2024 find out more info at The LOFT table and say Hi to Sphynxx!

"Queer Conscience" is for everyone. Whether you identify as LGBTQIA2+ or are an ally, this exhibition is a powerful opportunity to witness the artistic voices of our vibrant community. It's a chance to celebrate our triumphs, grapple with ongoing struggles, and foster a more inclusive future.

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Art Submission Deadline: Sunday, June 16th by 5:00PM
Artists Notified Of Art / Performances Entered Into Show: Wednesday, June 19th by 5:00PM
Art Drop-Off Day at BAC: Monday, June 24th 2024 1:00PM- 4:00PM 
Installation: Tuesday, June 25th & Wednesday, June 26th 2024
Show Period: Thursday, June 27 - Sunday, June 30th 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 27th 2024 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Deinstallation & Art Pick-up: Monday, July 1st 2024 

WHEN: Thursday, June 27th, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

WHERE: Bethany Arts Community 40 Somerstown Rd, Ossining, NY 10562

TICKETS: FREE for LOFT Members   

CONTACT: Sphynxx, CRNY Artist in Residence, at [email protected] or (914)-948-2932 extension 18

LOFT Social Groups are open groups that welcome everyone ages 18 and over. Groups are led by members of the LGBTQ+ and allied communities.
Donations are welcome. Suggested donation is $5; more if you can, less if you can't. Fees related to activities are the responsibility of participants.

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