Tiago Machado


Tiago serves as Director of Student Involvement at SUNY Westchester Community College where he works with his team to provide meaningful programming and learning opportunities in the co-curriculum so that every student feels like they belong. As a member of the SUNY WCC community for over ten years, Tiago has spearheaded efforts for LGBTQIA+ inclusion on campus while focusing most of his work on enhancing leadership development and social justice related opportunities for students to equip them for their lives beyond the classroom. 


Beyond his work, Tiago is an avid traveler and loves social activities and solving riddles and puzzles. Not one to shy away from new opportunities, Tiago enjoys connecting with new people and making connections.

Tiago lives with his husband, Kydah, and their dog, Mochi, in Westchester County. He graduated from Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics and from the University of Connecticut with a Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs.