With Love: A Conversation on Body Positivity & Self-Image (18+ space)

Gina Pellicci
Pronouns: she/her

Evelyn Parker
Pronouns: they/them

HVTF Workshop Breakout 2 | Saturday, November 12th | 1-2:15pm
With Love: A Conversation on Body Positivity & Self Image
(18+ Workshop)

Workshop Description: One of the most difficult parts of finding our identity is feeling comfortable with ourselves. For individuals who are TGNCNB, this can be particularly challenging. This workshop will focus on discussion around things that help and hinder positive self image and body neutrality/positvity. Participants will be given prompts to help start conversation around various topics related to self-image. Due to the nature of the discussion, this workshop is intended for those 18 and older.

Workshop Format: The workshop will begin with a short intro of myself and the other presenter Evelyn, from there we will be asking the participants questions and giving them time to either write down or think about their answer. After a set amount of time to do so, participants will share their answers. The facilitators will have many question prepared, but we may not get to them all if the conversation stays focused on once question for a while. Participants will be sitting in a circle, and will need pen and paper provided to them.


Gina Pellicci (she/her) is a sex positive psychotherapist who specializes in working with individuals who are LGBQIA+, TGNCNB, non-monogamous, disabled and more. She is queer herself and is passionate about making spaces feel safe and welcoming for all. Gina believes in constant education and growth on all topics.
Evelyn Parker (they/them) is a therapist who specializes in working with the TGNCNB community. One of their specialties is helping individuals work on their identity and self-image. Evelyn is passionate about working with those in minority populations, and making mental health services accessible and safe for all.

About Inner Lakes Therapy:

Evelyn and Gina work for a virtual private mental health practice known as Inner Lakes Therapy. Inner Lakes is a sex-positive, social justice oriented company. Our clinicians are highly-skills, compassionate and and trauma-informed. At Inner Lakes, we recognize that therapy has not always been a safe or effective treatment for those of minority populations. Therapists at Inner Lakes have a person-centered approach, meaning they will work with you to find the best treatment method. One of the things that makes Inner Lakes unique is that we offer a multitude of options to make therapy more accessible. We have clinicians who charge as little as $60.00 a session and many who take insurance. Inner Lakes believes that therapy should not have to be a source of stress for those seeking it. We are a group practice filled with unique and awesome therapists!

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