Pride Rewind: A Look Back in The Annals of LGBTQ Protests with Aline Allegra

Aline Allegra Archival LGBT footage


My name is Aline Allegra, I’m a journalist and nonfiction filmmaker

About thirty years ago I bought a video camera and began shooting gay pride celebrations and ACT UP marches, rallies, and demonstrations. I was coming out of the closet and the camera was my way to connect to my community, meet people, and chronicle our history. 

Judy Troilo The LOFT

We have all been inside since mid-March, many of us reconnecting with old pals and acquaintances. Although it's been decades since we last spoke, Emily and I are now using this time to shape the material I collected into a film about who we were as dykes and activists then, how it informs who we are today. 

In light of Larry Kramer's death, we would like to share this short film, made for the 50th anniversary of Pride. It includes never before seen footage of Wigstock, the first NYC Dyke March, Stop the Church, Day of Desperation, Pro-Choice Holland Tunnel Action, and other street celebrations and protests from 1989-1994. If you were there, you might spot yourself in the footage.

Larry Kramer Act Up

**We don’t recognize everyone, and we’d love help identifying folks. ** 

If you see yourself or your friends or you’d like to be interviewed for the documentary, (working title: “Free Radicals of New York”) whether or not you appear in this footage, please contact us at freeradicalsofny@

Act Up protest Grand central New york city

Love from Joshua Tree and San Francisco, CA
Aline Allegra and Emily Nahmanson

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