Silver Connections Volunteer Team!


Meet The Silver Connections Volunteer Team!



Frank Douai (left)

Irwin Rothman (center)

Paula Wilensky (right)

Where did you grow up / where do you live now?

Frank grew up in Yorkville, Manhattan and now resides in Harrison, NY.

Irwin grew up in the Bronx and now lives in Bronxville, NY.

Paula grew up in Brooklyn and now lives in New Rochelle, NY.

What are some of your Hobbies?

Frank enjoys watching old movies, reading comic books, and watching TV.

Irwin does not have any major hobbies, but says he enjoys traveling, watching good movies, going out to see a live show, eating out, spending time with friends and family, and sometimes doing absolutely nothing!

Paula enjoys creating art, swimming, and cozying up to read a good book!

Why volunteer at The LOFT?

When Frank moved back to New York, he was looking to meet new people and make friends. He met Stevie and Sophie, which led him to get involved with volunteering and Silver Connections!

Irwin started volunteering at The LOFT in 2008, when he retired. He wanted to do something to occupy his time. For him, The LOFT was a natural choice because of his longtime membership!

Paula started volunteering at The LOFT so long ago she can barely remember when! Her friends led her to The LOFT.

Volunteering Experience with The LOFT:

Frank says, "Volunteering with The LOFT has been interesting and FUN!!!!!"

Irwin says, "My experience here has been very good. If it wasn't, then I wouldn't be volunteering for all of these years!" Irwin has met many people through his 14 years of volunteership to The LOFT, and many new friends.

"Absoultely wonderful!" Paula said.

Anything you would say to future volunteers at The LOFT?

Frank wants to let future LOFT volunteers know that you will endure a great experience for learning by volunteering at The LOFT.

Irwin says, "If you volunteer, be it The LOFT or any organzation, do it with a sense of pride and passion. It should be for an organization you believe in. That's how I feel about The LOFT."

Paula wants future LOFT volunteers to know that once you try it, you'll see how much you will truly enjoy it!

Would you rather go on vacation in the mountains or near a beach?

Frank would rather vacation near the beach.

Irwin would definitely perfer vacationing near a beach. "To me, it can be comforting, peaceful, and serene, especially during the off-season," says Irwin.

Paula would rather vacation near the beach.

Favorite Book/TV Show?

Frank's favorite book is "Breakfast at Tiffany's" written by Truman Capote, movie is "All About Eve" (1950), and TV show is "Law & Order."

Irwin's favorite movie is "The Godfather" (1972) or "The Godfather Part 2" (1974) because it is such a powerful story, with great acting!

Paula's favorite movie is "Elvis" (2022).

Favorite Color?

Frank's favorite color is red because of his love for strawberries, watermelon, and cherries.

Irwin's favorite color is red. Since he is colorblind, red is an easy color to distinguish. "I am lucky when my white socks match each other," says Irwin!

Paula's favorite color is blue.

Any words to Live By?

"Not One Step Back," says Frank.

"Courtesy, respect, dignity, self-confidence. Each of us should treat one another with the courtesy we all deserve. We all can't agree on everything but we must respect different opinions and points of view. It's OK to disagree, it is not OK to be disagreeable," says Irwin.

"Be understanding and kind," says Paula