The TransMission program provides financial assistance of up to $500 for expenses related to social, legal, medical, or surgical transition. Applicants must be over 18 years of age and reside within the United States. Priority will be given to residents of New York’s Hudson Valley. All are welcome to apply.


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Due to transphobia and rejection by my family, I was thrown out as a student in the very early stages of my transition not long after coming out and getting on HRT. This put me in great peril being a full-time student and unemployed, only on HRT for one and a half months and only out to my mom for 3 months.

I went through many perils including being turned away by the shelters near me. I had many extremely close calls and almost didn't live to talk about it. I just now have a room and am out on my own. This grant will help me with keeping my shelter temporarily and buying food while I continue my studies and look for work.

Programs and grants like this are a vital lifeline for trans-spectrum LGBTQ people in need and unfortunately are lacking in most communities. I know of community members who are still in dire straights and less fortunate than me. It's awful when families turn their backs on their own kids or grandkids. I thank my mom for being the only that stuck by me and stood by my side when everyone else in my family had rejected or turned their back on me in dire times.



Being chosen for this scholarship will allow me to finally get top surgery! This surgery will change my life forever in the best way. Thank you so much, TransMission, for helping me and members of this community achieve our dreams. I am so thankful!



I'm really grateful for this opportunity! This scholarship will help with my dysphoria, mental health, and allow me to start saving for top surgery!



I am excited and immensely grateful to receive funding, which will help me during my recovery time! I think it’s important for funding opportunities like TransMission to exist because it assists in the accessibility of transportation, supplies, and much more, but also for the feeling that comes with being supported and cared for within the community.



Receiving these funds from TransMission supports me in not only my transition but my day-to-day livelihood. As a student in my senior year I have limited income, so getting this grant means I can have money set aside for my own gender-affirming care without worrying about my bills or paying for food.



As a sign language interpreter, in order to enter spaces that were protected or confidential, I had to out myself as trans and/or go by my birth name. With this scholarship, I will be able to legally and socially refer to myself as the name who fits who I am :) Thank you!



Receiving funding like this is life-changing for so many of us in the LGBTQIA2+ community. There is little attention on redistributing aid---let alone monetary aid--- for ourselves + our siblings hurdled by finances that employment can't fix so long as workplaces are still queerphobic terrain. If we can't get jobs for our identities, are made outcasts from our communities, and are left resourceless, where would we even begin? The TransMission scholarship is a shining example of what cities across the country should invest in boosting unhoused, impoverished, and disenfranchised Queer and Trans youth.



This TransMission funding is literally life-saving for me. Being able to access gender-affirming care and clothing is going to make a huge difference in my life. In the rural south, where I live, trans people encounter enough barriers in their day-to-day existence. Funds like TransMission's allow people like me to navigate the world that much more safely. Every day, I see friends and loved ones sharing fundraisers for gender-affirming surgeries, helping each other out with extra hormones, and generally looking out for each other. It's really nice to be able to not just pass around the same worn-out $20 to each other and have access to a fund specifically to support trans people.



With this grant, I get to afford my hormones and gender-affirming clothes. It means a lot to me to be able to feel comfortable in my own body and I'm very grateful for this.



I am a full-time law student set to have a stage of gender-confirming surgery performed immediately after my final exams for my spring semester. The funding from TransMission helps take a huge weight off my shoulders, as surgeries are costly and recovery from this stage of surgery will impede on my ability to work full-time over the summer. I believe that funding opportunities like this are important to the LGBTQ+ community because when one member of the community has a burden lifted, they are put in a better position to help and empower other members of the community. I serve as a prime example of this, as I intend to use my law degree in pursuit of equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community and other minority communities.



Receiving the TransMission scholarship is an amazing opportunity for me! This scholarship will help me move one step closer to such a gender-affirming surgery. I am truly grateful for funding opportunities like this to exist. These funding opportunities help people better access the resources they need to feel comfortable and safe in their bodies.



Receiving this scholarship in a word is affirming; and how often are trans nonbinary folx affirmed in this world? Sadly not near enough. I feel further inspired and supported to continue in my journey of embodied authenticity with TransMission's support. I believe opportunities like these are essential for our collective healing and evolution. Trans people are magic, sacred, and leading the change. May they get the support they need.



The funding I received from TransMission means a lot to me right now. I am trans and disabled, and money is in short supply. This helps give me hope! I am excited to be able to move closer towards feeling good in my own body.



I am a disabled artist and online content creator who was able to afford top surgery in October 2022 thanks to the Oregon Healthcare Plan. During multiple Fibromyalgia flares as well as surgery recovery I struggled to work enough to make rent. We also needed to travel out of our city for surgery and pay for staying out of town for three nights.

During that time money put a lot of strain on me and my partner, this scholarship means I am able to get back some financial security and finally start my life as a trans person feeling more secure in my body. This scholarship has the ability to give security to give transgender people access to financial resources and affirming healthcare that saves lives, thank you.



Being a recipient of the TransMission scholarship allows me to be able to pursue the gender-affirming care that will help me relieve a lot of the gender dysphoria and anxiety I feel on an everyday basis. It is so crucial that scholarships like this one exist to help combat a lot of the economic disparities that trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive individuals face. I am so incredibly grateful to The LOFT and honored to be one of the recipients of the TransMission scholarship!



I got the notice of this award while recovering from my hysterectomy. Knowing that I'll have funds to help pay off this medical cost much sooner is a huge relief! Having the benefits of removing my uterus and more financial security with these funds frees up my mental bandwidth to focus on finishing my Ph.D. and pursuing things that bring me joy. I am so grateful for this support!



Transitioning for me has been a colossal undertaking mentally, physically, and financially. Knowing that this contribution will help me take another step in my new path is affirmation itself. Thank you to the LOFT for all you do and making this possible.




It’s so important that funding opportunities like TransMission exist because of all the hardships trans people go through. A lot of us in the trans community aren’t accepted and are even hated against, so it’s essential we have these programs to support each other when we can. I’m honored to receive this funding and I can’t wait to finally get my name changed legally. It’s going to be such a relief when I can show my ID without being in fear of aggressive confrontations. Thank you to everyone at The LOFT!



Finding COVID-conscious, trans-affirming doctors and a therapist is already so difficult, but having funds for transportation and co-pays for these visits makes it more accessible. Having sensory sensitives makes finding gender-affirming clothing that much more difficult, so being able to afford soft clothes without tags and inside seams is more possible now. Funding opportunities like this one are so important for trans people and especially to multiply marginalized trans people.




This scholarship is incredibly impactful and meaningful for me. I've been going through a lot personally and socially. This past year was the first (and hopefully last) in my life where I experienced houselessness and food insecurity to the point of skipping meals between trips to food pantries. I'm now thankfully employed again, and with the help of the TransMission scholarship, I'll not only be able to get back on my feet with paying my bills, I'll be able to restart some of the life-saving trans care processes I've had access to in the past.



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