World AIDS Day


Join The LOFT as we make time to honor those who have passed.  The year's World AIDS Day celebrations and events mark the 40th year since the discovery of HIV/AIDS in The United States with the online gallery "40 Major Moments" and our evening panel conversation, "Bareback Sex Culture: Knowing & Managing The Risk Factors"


40 Major Moments | Online Gallery Exhibition

Explore the online gallery as we learn, remember, and honor the millions of courageous people who lost their lives, those who fought back, and those who showed grace and resilience during the darkest moments. Leave inspired, leave committed to helping to end this epidemic. The online gallery opens December 1, 2021, Wednesday.



Bareback Sex Culture: Knowing & Managing The Risk Factors

December 1-2021, Wednesday | 7:00-8:30 PM | Virtual & Free


The LOFT hosts, "Bareback Sex Culture: Knowing & Managing The Risk Factors." In 2021, adherence to an Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) or PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) protocol has created an LGBTQ+ sex culture that has allowed people who are HIV Positive and those who are HIV Negative to engage in routine bareback sex without fear of contracting HIV or being reinfected with the virus. 

This "normalization" of bareback sex culture has proliferated across social media and apps with both professional adult performers and non-professional adult performers showcasing their sexual behavior. This panel discussion and evening conversation seeks to better understand and educate on the risk factors inherent to participating in bareback sex culture: how effective are ART and PrEP in preventing infection? What other STIs should one be concerned with?  What can someone do to keep themselves safe while engaging in these practices?  What are the mental health aspects to bareback sex?

Come and join our evening panelist speakers who will share their unique perspectives as sex workers, what they've learned from their professional experience, and how it can help you as we explore the different risk factors and help empower those who engage in bareback sex culture to remain as healthy as possible. 

This is a sex-positive discussion.  The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center does not endorse nor condemn the practice/ engagement of bareback sex culture.  This evening event is a platform to discuss the important issues, the health consequences and serves to inform, educate and advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community.



Stephan Ferris, also known as porn performer Blue Bailey, is not your average Treasure Island Media performer . . . he's also the founder of the Law Office of Stephan F. Ferris. He is part of an emerging generation of openly queer and sexually progressive activist attorneys who see the law as an opportunity to make social, civic, and cultural change, and uses his skills and experiences to amplify a kink and sex-positive perspective to a wide range of audiences through multiple published pieces and speaking engagements related to sexual health, activism, and the law.
Justin Davis is an HIV educator having worked for the Fulton County Board of Health in Georgia.  He's participated in various pubic outreach campaigns dealing with sex work & HIV, including "Let’s Stop HIV Together." Justin is also known as the porn performer, JD Blackstone. He enjoys giving back to the community by doing outreach, food drives, and charitable giveaways. In addition to his public health, and sex work, Justin is also an entrepreneur with two businesses, itz Simply Erotic body butters & candles, and BlkStoned Treats.
Jeffrey Guard is the Director of Marketing and Communications for The LOFT.  He's also the Peer Facilitator for One Voice, The LOFT's support group for those living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS. He also serves as a public speaker for issues related to living with HIV and has written about his personal experiences with HIV.